Nero 7 essencials avi problem



:aI recently got a burner with Nero 7 Essentials. I made several dvds with some avi video files. Now, using some of the exact same avi files, the program won’t let me use them now. It gives me this message:

<STYLE id=ssxyzzy media=screen>#message415099778353687896215645006519611553572522094 { overflow:auto; visibility:hidden }</STYLE>
<!-- type = text -->filename.avi’ cannot be used because not all the necessary licenses have been activated.
Please follow the instructions on the screen to activate your license. After the license has been successfully activated, please restart the application and try again.

What does that mean?! How do I fix this problem?

Nero 7 essentials has been a huge pain I have to wrestle with it every step of the way. Once I think it’s working something like this happens. Does any one know of a better program that will let me turn video files like avi and mpeg into dvds? Possibly even let me give iso my own menu, and have more control over menus.

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