Nero 7 encountered error


I am burning the image file (iso) of kubuntu dapper. but I encounter an error just before finishing the burn proccess, the log can be find on that link.

Please help me on this, as i dont know what wwnt wrong, I dont kow if its bad download or the images file i downloaded was currepted or my drive has problem.

I am using WindowsXP Pro.


I don’t believe the iso image has any problems. All it gave you was unknown recorder error, which sounds like a problem with your drive. Can you burn with no problems in nero? And is the cd you have in the burner a blank cd, with nothing on it at all?
Is this your own program too?, cause this is the Nero SDK forum…

Hi, first thing frist is, I want to say sorry i post this in a wrong forum.

I think my dvd writer was messed up, its fairly new, i bought it last nov. in the states, and i am in the philippines now, so i guess thats a big problem.

I was able to burn the iso thru my old lite-on cd writer. I think lite-on is much better than HP? oh man!

anyway, thanks nanosyche021 for answering my query… really appreciate it.