Nero 7/DVR-710/DVD Burn Validation Failure

Am running Nero Express 7 under WinXP SP2 on a Dell 4400 with 1GB RAM. Using a new Pioneer DVR-710 with latest firmware (1.29) to burn on Memorex and Verbatim DVD+R blanks. Running burns @ 12X.

Consistently have burn validation failure with at least one sector having different content to source. Ran Nero CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality test on latest burn. See results attached as png. Quality score result was 97.

I use DVDs to back-up data for off-site storage so retrievability is critical.

Any suggested changes/tweaks to eliminate/reduce validation errors and improve burn quality?

Really appreciate the assist …

Dump the Memorex discs to start with & stick with the Verbs.

The Pioneers aren’t the best for quality scanning by a very long way and the results are inconsistent & not truly representative of the burn quality.

Try some Transfer Rate Tests & see what the read graph is like.