Nero 7 DL Issue

I’m using N7 and have no problems burning single layer DVD-R’s but when it comes to DL DVD+R’s it seems to burn ok but when the disc is put in my stand alone player none of the menu buttons work. I assume that it is a software set up issue. :confused:

There were some versions of NeroVision 4 that had a problem with the animated menus. If you used them, the DVD could not be navigated.

Nero 7 is going through some very bad development pains. Each release seems to have problems in certain areas. They even seem to be able to break something after they have fixed it previously. If you read the Release Notes and decide to update to a later version, NeroVision 4 has problems with converting file types in certain instances. I have been waiting for a new release to come out to fix these problems, but as of today (6/22/2006) it isn’t out. You might want to wait for it, or not use the animated menus, if that is actually your problem.

I’ve been trying again and it’s very strange. DVD+ and - single layer no problem. DL and it burns fine but the DVD menu has no working buttons!

Yeah. I’m getting the feeling that it would be better to go back to N6. I’m not creating the DVD menu by the way. I’m just doing a straight copy of another DVD. As I said, single layers are fine. It’s only the menu’s on the DL that have no oprable buttons.

I certainly don’t know, but since no one else has responded, all I might imagine would be that the information was moved somehow because of the transition to the dual layer. Perhaps is was broken at a different place for the second layer jump which messed up the original menus.

I guess you could try one of the other ways of doing a copy and see if that software can compensate for whatever might be wrong.

You say single layer OK, but dual layer not. I must assume you are using different files for this, or are you burning the same file onto a single layer. I guess there is no way to set where the layer jump occurs.

I’m using Nero - and it has the same problem. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t notice it until several dozen different DL discs were burned (various brands). About a third were fine, but the others were messed up.

The way the problem manifests for me is with the submenus. The video is OK. The main menus (Play, Setup, Extras, etc) are also OK, but in the menus below these, things get screwey. It’s a little different on each disc: sometimes the selection marker moves around in the wrong part of the screen; sometimes it is completely gone and nothing works except the remote’s Menu button. This is true on both of my standalone players.

Interestingly enough, they play without a problem on my computer. This led me to believe that my burner was bad for DL. A new burner didn’t fix the problem. A new standalone player (Oppo 950) didn’t fix the problem. My last suspect was Nero - last because it had never failed me before. I downloaded the trial copy of CloneDVD2 and it wrote perfect working versions. Every time. (So I bought it and AnyDVD).

Another interesting thing: AnyDVD’s report says that it “Found & removed wrong DVD structure!” on each of the Nero-burned DL DVDs. It doesn’t say what the problem is, but perhaps it has to do with the problem we are seeing.(?)

I had planned to upgrade to Nero 7, but I see from reading this post (and others) that they haven’t fixed the DL problem. That’s a shame. I do like Nero and I’m fond of it’s interface. But if I can no longer trust it, I won’t be using it for DVDs any more.

BTW, I really like CloneDVD2 (and AnyDVD). I used them to copy and re-burn all the “damaged” DVDs that Nero produced.