Nero 7 Crashes


I’m running Nero, and I keep having the same problem.

When in the CD/DVD compilation window, if I try to set the Character Set to ASCII, Nero will crash immediately.

This has been happening since, and all the subsequent updates have had this problem.

At first I thought it was machine specific, but the same thing happens when I install it to either my laptop or to my other desktop.

I get the error message “Nero.exe has enountered a serious error and needs to close”.

Does anyone know what the problem might be, and if there is a workaround or fix for this.

Would be really glad for some help, as this is getting so aggravating that I am actually thinking of going back to version 6.

OS is WinXP Pro SP2, with all current updates.

I had this problem on multiple computers as well. I didn’t really find what was causing the problem but I did find a way to set it how I wanted and I haven’t had any problems burning CDs or DVDs.
Change this setting in the registry:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\IsoDoc\CharSet

Change it to 1 for ASCII and 2 for DOS

Be sure Nero is not open when you make this change. When you open Nero that option should now state ASCII or DOS (whichever you chose).

I don’t seem to have this problem on one other machine, and the only real difference between the one that works and the 2 that don’t is that the 2 that don’t previously had Nero 6 installed, and despite running the multiple Nero clean tools, I am thinking something is still left behind that may be interfering.

If anyone else has a real solution that would be nice to hear.

All of my machines that crashed with Nero 7 also previously had Nero 6 installed.

I will try your registry edit suggestion and let you know.



OK. Tried it out, and it works as advertised. But now Nero will crash if an attempt is made to change charset to anything other than ASCII.

Don’t tell me we will have to write up a reg file and run it everytime we need to change charset. There has to be a better solution.


I should have searched. Same issue here.