Nero 7 convert wave to Mp3

I have Nero 7 Essentials at home.

I want to convert wave files recorded from Audio Cleaning Lab 14,
and convert them to Mp3 through Nero Essnentials.

I have read on this form a user said “this should be done automatically”

But when I click on Nero Music cd, the files are not their, it don’t convert to Mp3 nore I have the option to, only the wave file which is forcing me to burn that on the Audio CD.

I also tried looking up Nero 7 and they say you can use the Mp3 convertor, you don’t need it in Nero 7 only 9, but ther is no way from what I can see to burn Mp3 in Nero 7.
Does Nero have anyway to get around this.

Should I just purchase the Mp3 essentials for Nero 7?
I don’t need the latest version of Nero like 9, because I am not into copying blue ray dvd’s etc.
I know to make copies of regular Digital Audio cd’s can easily be done with Nero 7 with the software I have now.

Please can someone just tell me how to get around this.


Michael Van Der Stad

I do not use Nero but there is a Nero subforum here at CDFreaks. If you absolutely want to use Nero try searching that forum for problems similar to yours. There are several freeware programs that will convert wav to mp3, if you are interested in trying something besides Nero, post back.