Nero 7 configure encoder problem

I am trying to burn 2 hours directly to a DVD. I go to configure and when it offers the button to “configure encoder”, I click it but nothing happens. It just seems that I can only record for 1 hr 22 min.

Does the “configure encoder” button work on anyone elses computer?


Hi and be welcome!

What part of Nero 7 are you trying to use? Nero self (standard mode or Express mode)? Or perhaps Vision express?

I’m moving this to the newbie forum btw… I think that’s a better place for this thread and it’ll certainly get more attention over there :wink:

I am using Nero Vision 4. There is a menu choice to record directly to dvd. When I get inside that program, there is a button to “configure”. I press that button and it takes me to a tabbed menu. Front tab is “general” where it shows that I am using NTSC. the other tab is “DVD+VR”…on that tab it shows a drop-down menu that shows I am recording 720x480 which is correct. But at the bottom part of the tab is a button that says “configure encoder” which I assume is supposed to take me to some encoder options to reduce the quality (or increase it) to get more time (or less time at higher quality)…but the button does nothing. I just seem stuck with whatever Nero “defaults” to which seems to be some sort of quality that will only allow 1 hour 22 minutes on the dvd. At lease thats what the info listing shows when I start recording to the dvd.

Is there any one who can test this in their program to see if the “configure encoder” takes them to another window where changes can be made.

As it stands now, if I want to record anything longer than 1 hr 22 min, I have to record it to hard drive first, then author it onto a dvd which kind of defeats the purpose of recording directly to a dvd.

Any thoughts?