Nero 7 Chapters do not work after burn

I have just finished burning my DVD. I am using Nero 7 [Nero vision 4]. I created chapters and in the preview phase the remote buttons worked fine. Up, down, left, right, enter all worked and my selection box moved over the various chapters on the menu screen.

When I try to play in various DVD players and also when using Nero Showtime, the title screen comes on with my 8 animated menus and I cannot select or play any chapter. It keeps on looping on my 10 second title animation. The selection box does not show up and pressing buttons and mouse will not make it play.

Please advise.

Even I face the Same problem. please give quick reply to solve it

Thank You

I use NV version and have not experienced this problem.

Make sure in the ‘Sect Menu’ page under ‘More’, "Start Playback’ and ‘When finished playing title’ are properly configured.

Make sure you’re using Nero