NERO 7 Burning ROM Write Speeds (Lite-On LH-20A1P)



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On LH-20A1P. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I am running XP (SP1). LiteOn LH-20A1P. Nero 7 (Nero Burning Rom
Sony DVD_R (1X-16X) Firmware is current

I have several DVD Players. Two of the players will not read a DVD that is burned above 4X.

I have tried to burn several DVD (directories Video_RM and
Video_TS) onto a DVD. Just one of each. Burning from a hard drive.

In Burning ROM >New Compliation > Burn. Action: Determine Maximum Speed - No Checked, Write - Checked.

In Burning ROM . New Compliation > Burn. Writing: Write Speed 4X, Write Method - Grayed Out, Copies - Set to 1. Nothing else checked.

Will not burn any DVDs at 4X, only Max Burn Speed of DVD. It appears that the Write Speed in not effecting speed.

If I use Nero Express to burn the dvd as a data dvd. I can set the speed and it will burn at that speed. it will burn the two directories and the video dvd works on all of my players.

Please excuse. Lets assume that what I am saying is truth. I have tried different DVD brands with “No Joy”. Is there a way to set the writing speed. I am really at a total loss if there is not way to set the write speed in Nero Burning ROM.

Appreciate the help


Can’t exactly make sense of what you are trying to do.

You said Nero Express works? That’s all I’d use, choosing the DVD-Video Files option (not DATA). It allows me set the speed.


I am trying to burn DVD at a speed that I want to burn. Express Works, but only after I write the directories to the hard drive.

Make question simple. How Do I Get NERO To Burn At A Speed That I Want It To Burn At. I don’t care if it is music, movies, data, text. I just want to control the speed


It sounds like you are trying to burn to multiple burners at once, which is likely the cause of the problem. Otherwise, whenever I use Nero, it will always allow me to choose the burn speed. The only other thing that comes to mind, is you are using a media that isn’t properly supported by your burner.