Nero 7 Burning ROM crashes finally fixed

I am only posting this as a possible, last resort solution for me that worked.

I used Nero or any version of 7 that I purchased. I could sucessfully burn one DVD only 20% of the time, and even if it did, I would prevent the DVD player from recognizing another disk. I had to make hundreds of copies of a DVD so I tried almost everything on the net.

FAILURE:Sometimes would go 12% then lock up PC. If one did complete, it would never read another disk without reboot. I watched the USED READ BUFFER. at 12% or 33% the READ buffer would deplete, then the burner would spin up, spin down, over and over.

(1) Upperfilters, lowerfilters: I ran the microsoft removal program for this issue. Even though my burn fails were consistent, only 1 of 10 times were these filters detected and removed.

(2) I defragged using diskkeeper to defrag all 4 e-sata drives. O had 160Gig available on c-drive. I full-formatted the d-drive and only put on one DVD set of files on it. After burn fail, I defragged it for good measure. fail.

(3) Used NERO 7 clean-up tool, and reinstalled new version-fail.

(4) Uninstalled Nero, Used Clean-up tool, and deleted all AHEAD, and NERO registry keys. Reinstalled, FAIL.

(5) Ran PC deep system diagnostics on hardware, all passed, must be software. To confirm, Installed two new HP burners. Failed.

(6)Windows control panel, Windows components, Unistalled Sonic drivers.
(7)Attempted Win XP Media Center 05. However, I would read the DVD, reboot, and expect to continue off the DVD, but it would say NO CD ROM FOUND (funny, my version is DVD, but thats not important). I set BIOS to boot from CD-ROM, it would start, then seconds later, could not read dvd.
(8-FIX) Copied win XP from dvd to hard-drive in a directory called c:\xp. I ran setup from that directory, went to reinstall, the selected REPAIR mode, and let it repair my installation, no dvd needed. Installed Nero, and Whammo it worked. After 3 days of irritation, I finally burned 30 DVD’s in a couple of hours.

I hope this helps somebody else. Sometimes you gotta kick Bill G in the nuggets and do a reinstall without a cd/dvd player. It’s not always Nero, drive space, Upperfilters, Lowerfilters, nor dirty disks, nor poor quality blanks.