Nero 7 burn Fail

I have upgraded Nero 4 that came with my burner (Sony DRX-830UL-T) to Nero 7 (even though it says it’s NeroVision 4 Essentials v. when I open the software). I have created a nice photo slide show of about 2,000 photos + music, about 3.3GB, that plays fine while I’m still in Nero, but the burn always fails, usually with no explanation after several hours of burning. I have tried different media, same result. I have been successful burning with much smaller test projects (e.g., 6 photos), but the big ones won’t work. Nero’s tech support is useless. Any ideas on how I can start to diagnose the problem myself? I am an amateur burner.
Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

at the end of any write attempt with Nero will ask you if you wish to Save, Print, or Discard the log file from the write attempt.
It’s best to save to your Desktop so you do not loose the file, after that, please post it here. Remove your Nero serial first from it

If you forgot to save the logfile, there is a Nero History.Log in the default directory of the program:

Nero 7: “C:\Programs\Nero\Nero 7\Core”

It is automatically created by Nero and will also help to solve your problem.

Take care

I would attach the log from my latest failed burn attempt but can’t seem to upload it – “Invalid Post” is my error message.