Nero 7 Burn DVD - No Progress Made When DVD Is Being Burnt

Wow, lets just say I’m glad I finally found a forum were I could post my help question without restrictions or waiting, I’ve really been having a hard time with the new nero 7 ultra edition and I’m hoping someone here has run into the problem before and/or may know a solution.

Alright, well here is the problem.

I recently got the nero 7 ultra edition, it worked great for burning my first movie, although I forgot to add chapters. It didnt take long for me to discover the great menu/chapter/editing tools for the dvd, and I took big advantage of it. The problem is though, ever since I started saved and try using the project settings I made (basically the menus) I havent been able to burn the movie to the dvd-r. I know it still works with the addition of a menu, I tried creating a movie without it.

The movie is “The Protector”
It was converted with WinAVI
It was shrunk with ShrinkDVD
Its currently in ISO Format (successly burned other .iso movies with nero 7)
The movie is still below the 4gb range
I’ve tried both high and low quality DVDs.

When I try to burn the movie and click the “burn icon” the movie starts the current progress and the bar fills entirely green, but doesnt make any progress, while total progress bar goes nowhere and simply counts up in elapsed time.

I left it to download last night, came back to it today and it was at 16hours in elapsed time.

Here are 2 pics.

Picture From Nero Problem 1

Picture From Nero Problem 2

Try to restore your Operating System few days back and then try again to see may be ther is a conflect between your windows registry and your operation of Nero.

Have you had any luck finding out what the problem is? I am having exactly the same problem and its driving me crazy :frowning:

I also had this problem and updating firmware for my disc drive somehow solved this.

The main poster never bother to come back for comment or solution.

Sorry if this is considered breaking back a dead post, but I never did solve the problem and I tried the other solutions. I firgue someone might be able to answer this still if it is read by some other active members who have more knowledge on the subject than me.


I have also tried flashing the drive, I used Quikee’s BQFlasher with the dangerous brother’s BSMBRPC1 firmware as the firmware exe would not upgrade itself because the “drive was not allowed to update” message would appear. Before this, I also tried using the DVDRegion and CSS Free software, even added the nero vision program to it, and that didnt work either. I’m really running out of options here to cause of this problem. I’ve done hours of searching, researching, and tried every option I could possibly think of. I am extremely determined to get this work, I do not want to give up on it, but right now I need some help because I have hit a dead end again.

Please, take the time to read this and give any hint, tips, or even guesses to how this could be fixed. I will appreciate anytime taken to respond to this.

Thanks For Your Time,


well I guess this remains unanswered and without no other sources of help I’m sol with this problem…