Nero 7 broken? NeroVision sample app question

I’m having a problem with the NeroVision API sample application. I am using Nero SDK v1.07 and the following 2 development machine environments:

Windows XP with
Nero 7 v7.0.8.2
NeroVision v4.1.0.15

Windows XP with
Nero 6 v6.6.1.4
NeroVision v3.1.0.25

The problem only happens when running under Nero 7. The program gets to the call to EstimateCreateNeroBurnContextTime() and fails with “DVD Engine Error”. This happens with every type of video file I’ve tried. I’ve tried the call with callback functions and without. It runs without error under Nero 6, though. I have copied the NVAPIExample directory and project files from one machine to the other and back - they are identical.

Could someone please enlighten me? Is Nero 7 broken, or am I missing something?


I’ve had the same problem with encoding DVDs and SVCDs.

See for details.

VCDs work fine, but I’m only using them to create image slideshows, so don’t know whether these also fail when encoding video files.

I’ll try downgrading to Nero 6.6 and see if that fixes the problem with encoding DVDs / SVCDs image slideshows.

I’ve just installed Nero and NeroVision v3.1.0.25 and I can now create SVCD & DVD image slideshows. I’m guessing Nero 7 isn’t fully compatible with NeroSDK.