Nero 7 beyondFrustrated

1st off I am the noobiest noob whoever noobed when it comes to burning dvd’s.

I recently purchased memorex’s 16x dvd burner and with it came the nero 7 essentials software. It allowed me to burn a video file that i had on my computer fine, then when i tried to burn the next one it keeps comming up with errors. Sometimes it will start to burn it and ill walk away, as it takes a while, and wheni come back it has basicly frozen its progress in the middle of the burn, or it stops at the end when the movie clip is finnished and freezes at the transcoding at the end. Other times it says that it cannon transcribe the files i have selected, or it flat out might not even allow them to appear on my screen to select them.

Earlier i was able to burn an mpeg video file fine. but i tried tonight with a mpeg-4 video file and it was a no go, same thing with my files that are windows movie files as well.

I downloaded total video converter to switch over all of my files into mpeg’s would that just solve my problem? is there soemthing else? I even turned down the burn speed to 4 and it quit on me halfwaythrough after starting.
I am just beyond frustrated :doh: and would be so greatfull for anyhelp whatsoever. Thanks :bow: Justin