Nero 7 audio burn skips in music

Drive is Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-348B. I have burned music to Memorex CD-R using nero 7 startsmart essentials on windows 2000 pro. When I play the cd, the songs seem ok, except there are intermittent skips. How do I fix this? Thank you!

Try and use a better brand of cdr, the chances are you stereo doesn’t like the memorex cds. Try getting some verbatim(mcc ones) or taiyo yuden cdrs. Also what speed was you burning at as that may be causing the problem.

IHi larry boy:

I use Nero Burning ROM when I burn CDs but I don’t think you have that in your Nero Essentials program. To eliminate Nero as a problem, try Burrn which is highly recommended by forum members and please post back with the results.

If problems persist, media and burning speed would be things to look at.

From what I remember (having experienced it myself, and reading many forum posts), there’s a problem with some (all?) versions of Nero 7 with the mp3pro.dll.

Of course this is only relevant if you’re burning audio discs from music files (.mp3 etc), which you don’t mention :slight_smile:

I second Jeff’s Burrrn suggestion.

Thank you ALL for providing your advice. I am not sure at what speed I was burning. Source was mp3 files.

When I tried Burrrn, end-product cd played perfectly, so problem is resolved. Thanks again!

You’re welcome. Burrrn is indeed a nice piece of software :cool: