Nero 7 Audi-Visual Out Of Synch

Hey all newbie here…

Use Nero 7 to convert and burn.avi, etc files onto DVD’s

Lately everyone ive done when ive gone to watch it on my tv has had some serious audio-visual synching issues…

Can anybody help me please because its doing my head in…


The ONLY way I have found around this problem is to convert the problematic files. Converting an AVI to an AVI (for example) does the trick. I don’t know why but it does, and does so EVERY time.

how do you convert and .avi to an .avi, can you use nero???

This has been a problem with Nero Vision for along time, I don’t know why they haven’t got around to fixing it. The newest version that I found that works ok is 7590 and lately even that has started to have audio sync problems near the end of the DVD. I haven’t tried it with the latest version 7960 on this PC but it has the audio sync problem with a lesser speced PC of mine (see sig below). :rolleyes: