Nero 7 asking for activation again?

i’ve had this program nero 7 ultra enhanced for awhile. every time i have a pc problem then, install the nero program again it says welcome and i need a patent activation and when i try to activate, it rejects me? anyone know how to solve this problem? i had to send nero a copy of my receit to prove i bought it which was very insulting and alot of hassle once already. surely there is another way to get my program where i can use it as i have movies to burn for the grandkids. i’ve sent nero tech another email but, they won’t answer for days as they did the last time. all the money i paid for this software, i will for sure buy something else next time. but then money doesn’t grow on trees lol! i sure could use some help if, possible! thanks :confused:

Please contact Customer Service by Phone, call (818) 956-7551.
Available Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm PST.

and we will activate the plugin.

i received a return email requesting my serial number and stating that it would be quick and easy to reactivate but, its been hours since i sent the serial number? :frowning:

still no activation!!! :a

received activation! Thanks :slight_smile: