Nero 7 and the 1655

Anyone else having problems getting Nero to recognize the 1655 as a lightscribe capable drive? I updated the lightscribe software from the site as well as Nero itself… I have the latest firmware. Anyone else face the same problems?

i haven’t tried yet? but don’t you need to install a lightscribe driver first?

Yep, I cant get it to work either.

I gave up and used the free software on the lightscribe website, personally it seems better.

Hi :slight_smile:
LightScribe feature only enabled if bona fide Nero, whether 6 or 7. If you have bona fide Nero, maybe somone nicked you ser # leaving you in the sh*t. You should really have got an oem version of Nero 6 that supports LS. If you didn’t try contacting dealer & getting it. That said Sure Thing seems to be what people prefer & it’s free. Yes you do need LS driver if you haven’t already got it.
If you want to try Nero 7, try uninstalling then reinstall & run as demo. Then contact Nero re your bona fide version/ser #. You’ll probably need reciept etc unless you registered with them.
For LS info go here.

Thanx… I did get the Lightscribe driver… And my Nero 7 is a bonafide copy… So I’ll be calling Customer Service asap! Thanx.