Nero 7 and sound problems with AVI files

I am having a problem with Nero 7 (latest updates)

When I play an AVI file through Nero vision or WMP11, the sound and picture are in sync.
However, when I use Nero Vision to convert them to a DVD, the sound goes way out of sync. It’s only started happening since the last update.

I am having to get around it by converting from avi to DVD in winAvi then burn to dvd using Nero Burning rom, but then it does not give me either a menu or ability to go to a particular programme

Anyone else had this? I have tried both 5.1 and 2 ch stereo settings to no avail :frowning:

I suppose no one has answered because no one had a definite solution. If you search for threads on this topic, you will find many.

All I might suggest, and it may not help., is if you are using 2 pass encoding, try 1 pass, or encode the files with another utility, like ConvertX.

Why NeroVision has these problems, I don’t know, but it seems to point to the type of file being transcoded.

I have contacted Nero tech support and am awaiting a reply.
Why it should become a problem when they update the version is beyond me. Are we all guinea pigs to their updates? Nero put it out there and waite to see what the problems are?

Which version were you using where there was not a Sync problem? It is possible to go back to a previous version, just use the clean tools to uninstall and reinstall the earlier version.

I found a problem in an update once by experimenting. I saved the files in the DSFilter folder and then substituted them into the new version one at a time until I found the offending one. I can’t experiment with you situation, because I haven’t found a file that exhibited the sync problem.

Can you obtain the file in another form, such as using a different encoder or using different settings?

@ Denny Crane

Did you get a response from “Nero support”, I am having the same problem as you I’ve gone back 1 version to when I had no problems. :a

Chaps i think i may of cracked this problem tho this was over the last 24 hours and the info was found in this forum. I was having problems with the nero and avi speech video problem. I have now successfully burned 3 dvds that work spot on. If you get the programme converttodvd and convert your avi file to dvd format, i then took the video_ts files (nothing in the audio_ts file) and drag and dropped them into nero burn rom nero express then video dvd -video files. Nero then puts these into order and burns to disc and hey presto. The converttodvd takes a while but so far it has worked. Hope this help. I was using bero but cant see while this would work on other versions of nero. Also i am using the new pioneer 112d burner and ritek printable mwdia and burned at 8x speed the disc’s max. Good look and may the force be with you!!

Yes that will work, but you shouldn’t have to use a 3rd party program as a work around, I’ve just gone back 1 version of nero and the problem is no longer there. It is a Nero problem which was introduced in the latest version and as normal they expect the end user to do the “beta” testing on the so called updated release, very poor quality control.

Although you convert the files with convert to dvd and burn them with nero burning rom will you still be able to add your own chapters and create a menu. I’m having the same problem with the sound and this only occured once I updated to Nero 7 Premium. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this.

Hi IceBerg - can you tell me what versions you went back to, I have exactly this problem too and I tried going back to versions (Nero digital) and (Nero 6) but still having the problem. thanks

The version of Nero Vision that I am using with no problems is and the version of Nero is

By the way it also works ok in 64bit Vista as well as XP Pro (see my sig below)

i used a imation dvd-rw 4x vurned the movie file but the audio starts before the using nero 7 any idas wat happened?

well just used a 16x imation disc and same result? can anyone help?

i’ve been having the exact same problems as everyone else

I might try peeling back the updates but don’t know anything about the "clean tool"
Can anyone help?

Just an update the latest Nero (nero vision has the same audio problem :a , so don’t bother updating to it, keep using Nero, I have no audio problems with this version of nero (nero vision :iagree:

I have that audio problem with the latest update, but if I dont update, I get another error telling me that the file is larger than the disc when “Auto fit to disc” is selected.

Yes, EXACTLY the same problems, using auto0 fit, get error message that the file is too large for the DVD, have updated and yet again, the audio is pants on AVI files.

Somebody must have an answer, as Nero do not seem to!

How big are the avi files, I usually convert 2x350mb files to 1x4.7gb disc using auto fit and nero 7509A does it with no problems?

Not that big.
the last one was made fit to disc, so was 3.7GB made up of three avi files,
one 349mb 1 hour clip and two 174mb half hour clips

So what version of nero was that with, have you tried using the Nero clean tool to remove of of nero and then reinstalling it?

i have tried and didn’t work, the file was supposed to be auto fit … plus a friend of mine was able to burn it with an earlier version of Nero , just not Nero 7 … I never had a previous version of Nero, so I can’t even go back to previous version.