Nero 7 and Outlook 2003

After installing Nero 7 I had problems using MsWord as mail editor in Oulook 2003. I got error mesages concerning problems with the OLE registration, and “interface is not registered”. Uninstalling office, cleaning up the registry and reinstalling office doesn’t help. This happened on two completely different systems. I hope someone has an idea how to fix this!

here is the solution :

go to run and issue this command :

Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll

thankx, it’s perfect again! :clap:

I have the wame problem with word and Outlook 2003. This is not the only registration that has been changed. Now when I insert a movie DVD, it opens to a folder instead of using Showtime. Any fix for this? I went to change it to “ask for a prompt” and that was already checked. (Most of the choices are gone now, also.) This is a big goof up.

Thanks chercm. I had the same problem as ellke but not anymore.

I found that Nero 7 install has screwed up all the autoplay handlers. What a mess.

Try uninstalling Nero or install something you know which adds an autoplay handler, XP is odd in this way as it’s made to only give the autoplay choice prompt when a new program is installed which adds a handler even if you or another program have already set a default action, worth a try at least.