Nero 7 - Advice needed

Hello: I’m new here and running WinXP Pro with all Updates on a Cicero AMD64 computer. I purchased the Nero 7 software over a month ago, have updated twice now from Nero site. Am having a terrible time trying to use the the program to back up to DVD. Am tired of making coffee cup holders:sad:

My system just gives a serial number for the Burner - not the make. Details at time of purchase indicate

DVDRW +/- 16X Dual Layer AO DUW1608/ARR

Is it possible there is an incompatability with the Nero software?

Nero cannot read the DVD’s it burned. They are RW’s and Nero cannot erase them, read them or verify them :frowning:

I am too new at this to know where to start - Future Shop says bring in the computer (Big effort for an old lady! And maybe big $$$ as well!) Another technical advisor says to remove the program altogether and reinstal the OEM Nero 6 that came with the computer. That means $90 CDN down the drain.

If anyone can help with a different solution - I’m willing to try! Thanks.

Canuck Jan

First of all, keep in mind that your burner is one of the worst!!! read this
What kind of data are you trying to backup? what media are you using…
although your burner is not a winner, you should be able to backup anything providing you are using the right media!!!

Nero cannot read the DVD’s it burned. They are RW’s

Have you tried other disks besides the DVD RW?
Try a quality DVD-R or DVD+R media and see what happens.

Thank you for your reply - although it is discouraging to learn that this burner is of poor quality :frowning: The computer was bought in April '05 and completely replaced on warranty in June '05 - we are waiting for a complete replacement from Epson on the printer that came with it - does anyone sell anything that works ‘out of the box’ anymore?

I did not understand everything on the thread you directed me to. What brand of burner is this? I don’t suppose FS would replace it with a better one - so another investment? What Burner do you advise?

Am simply trying to use DVD’s as Backup and Storage and archiving. The backup I attempted was of a partition drive that contains everything from .txt files to music and graphics and Original Downloads of programs.

They were burned on a Memorex DVD+RW 4x 4.7GB 120min

I DID attempt a 2nd burn on an ordinary RIDATA 8X DVD+R - and got an “Error” while burning. Nice of Nero - “Error” does not give any explanation or err # or any way to know what you have except another coffe cup holder :frowning:

Did that - got a burn “Error”

As Nero is a buggy program I would try something different.

Try this Freeware app. CDBurnerXP Pro Located Here.

Your drive is an Aopen!!! This drive is a very good reader and CD burner but a very poor dvd burner!!!
But this shouldn’t keep it from burning some data or even videos on good medias.
All I can suggest you to start is:
update your nero to the latest version (its free), don’t get memorex media as they are known to be poor sometimes and forget about media such are ridata which are very cheap!!!
Give another chance to your drive, feed it with some good Verbatim or genuine Tayo !!!
Also try to burn at lower speed than the rated speed. Set the speed yourself.
You also can try an other software (see my signature). I really like ONES which is very cheap (19€) and you can get a 1 month trial version.

First thing I noticed on this “Freeware” is
“Writes all kind of mediums apart from double-layer DVD (follows in next version). Burning video-DVDs is limited.”

Since my burner is “dual layer” would this work?

Thank you Bichonn: I am already using that’s what I am having trouble with.
I did use 4X burn speed (Nero defaults to this usually).
I am terrible dissapoInted to know all the money I have spent on worthless media. Wish I had come here first! None of my tech advisors told me these things. In fact - one of them sold me the Ridata’s :slight_smile:

I think I will just remove Nero and try to use XP Pro itself to just copy files to DVD.
If that fails I will try ONES 30 day freebie and see if it works any better. Does this seem appropriate? I am stuck with the software - but sounds like they may have it bug free in a year or two and I can update again <Grin>
I have about 40 Ridata’s ® unused and another 5 or 6 Memorex R-W. The Ridata’s did OK on an earlier version of Nero to make copies of a family video presentation. Surely I can use them for something?

Your burner is dual layer capable. You can still burn a single layer DVD-5 in it. The free program is only capable, at this time, of burning DVD-5 or single layer. It would be a waste of money to store data (not a movie) on a dual-layer DVD-9 disk IMHO.

It will work.

My concern is a safe burn and ability to restore if needed OR a drag and drop burn with ability to browse, find and restore individual files or folders. This is for back-up and archiving and data may contain pretty much anything and everything. Will certainly give that program a try. Thanks

Canuck Jan

If you go to the tools section of VideoHelp Located Here you may find something you like. There are many try before you buy app.'s or outright freeware app.'s. Again, peruse the tools section on the lefthand side for more info.

You need to determine if the problem, using process of elimination, is A. Nero B. your Burner C. your Media.

Good Luck,

Great site - Thank you - so far I have learned there was a firmware update in late '05

R1.11 11/12/2005
2224 KB
Modify Write strategy for TY DVD-R Disc
Debug for Writing audio CD Error
Adding support list for F.T.I. DVD+R(16X disc, write in 12X)
Adding support list for F.T.I. DVD-R(16X disc, write in 8X)

OS Support:WinXP, Win98SE, WinME, Win2000

Have downloaded this and will now see if I can figure out how to instal it.

Will continue to post my (hopefully) Progress!


If you are useing DL DVDs for DATA files then you are Wasteing your Money…Keep DL for Video-DVD9…Use Ordinary DVD-R/DVD+R or CDR…Again forget DVDRW & CDRW unless you use them as a Normal CDR or DVDR…More Pain Less Gain with them…JMHO
If I know I only got a few Files/folders that I want to keep but want them off of my HD I will Copy them to a CDRW or DVD-RW but will use them as DAO CDR/DVD-R until i Got enough to fill up a DVD-R @ 4.34GBt, then i transfer the DVD-RW/CDRW to a Folder n Burn to a Clean new DVD-R as DATA ISO…NOT Data UDF or Data ISO/UDF.
When all that is Complete I will then FORMAT the RWs & start again.
Mind you, like you I now have the New Nero but have not yet used it to burn…I know it’s USELESS useing it as a Ripper because mine won’t rip a music CD to mp3s…I use n will keep useing “Easy CD-DA Extractor” for that purpose…Nero is too Blooted these days…The Maker of Nero should of stuck to what it did/does Best.
Anyway, Good Luck m8.

Thank you for the discussion - I certainly will NOT be spending money on R/W’s again after I make coffee cup holders out of the 6 I have left <Grin> I thought it would be the best thing for incremental back-ups - but never got to that point as I have been unable to get the first backup done. Late last night I found new firmware for my AOPEN drive and installed that, then using another persons suggestion I used WinZip to compress the drive I was trying to back-up - made 3 .zip files; these I successfully burned separately on 2 DVD-R’s - Not the most effective backup method - but they are safe and sound while I keep learning. Now I am trying to figure out how to back up drive C - even in safe mode - Nero tells me it cannot “lock” the drive because some other program has it locked. Would love to know the solution to this???

Canuck Jan

FeedBAck: Note my response to MrScary above and you will see some progress has been made, but I cannot figure how to “release” my C:\ drive from being “locked” by another program so that Nero can “lock” it and do a burn. ??? It says the same thing in safe mode - what do I do to backup drive C: preferably with system files and all…???


It’s scary how little some people know about computers.

A few years ago (before I got a real job) I was working in a PC store.
One of the “best” salesmen was about to sell a lady a pentium 3 CPU with a motherboard & PC133 ram when I had to pull the guy up about it.

The board was (at the time) the latest model athlon board which took DDR ram :doh:… and he was selling it to her because we didn’t have any P3 boards left in the shop after a bumper week … So he said “oops” while the manager distracted the lady he swapped the pentium3 with a low end athlon (which was much cheaper) but charged her the same price as the pentium3 & swapped the ram for 1/2 the size DDR.


Some people have the morals of a cat, and the technical ability of a flea with a learning disability.

Alot of people tend to recommend what’s popular, rather than whats good. Beware salesman. What’s in stock is what’s good. Generally what’s in stock is what’s cheap. Therefoe cheap = good :stuck_out_tongue:

hi Canuk Jan----To copy your C: drive you will need a program such as either “GHOST” or “Perfect Image”…Reason being is your doing an IMAGE COPY of your Drive which has an Operateing System on it.
Not going to explain it as it’s too complicated for me…I never back-up my C: drive cause I prefer to start from scratch…All the Office folders n Photos etc.,etc., are allways on another hard disk plus I back them up to DVD-R or CDR…A spare hard disk is a Godsend!..My C: drive has the OS on it plus programs and a few other things, so if it zaps out on me I’m not loseing much to worry about…Easy to Format n install my Drivers n programs…But Hopefully,that’s not too often…
When you back up your files I find it easier to put normal Data on one CDR/DVDR & Music as DATA mp3s on another & my photos seperate…
I use Nero 7 (the latest one) n so far it’s working great for me…(fingers crossed)…I do have 5 hard disks so backing up is easier for me…
Good Luck…

It copies every file on your HD (even "my documentss
etwork services*** which are always in use [even in safe mode]) and even compresses & dumps them as CD size (656MB) archives files for you :wink:

Easy peasy!

Apologies to everyone for delays in responding. So much going on here - my husband’s cancer has taken a turn for the worse causing a lot of things to be “pushed to the walls”

Have downloaded some of the programs suggested and will give the C:\ backup another try.