Nero 7/8 Alternative?

I’ve been using Nero for years, but think with Nero 8, it has finally moved to far from it’s Burning Rom to make it worthwhile. The killer for me is that both versions 7 and 8 are bloated and complete resource hogs, even after choosing only to install Burning ROM. This has a lot to do with Nero Scout, and with version 8, it seems there is no way to completely disable or remove this piece of Nero (or never install it to begin with).

So, I’m looking for a Nero Burning ROM alternative. Something that is light on system resources, and has most (if not all) of the core CD/DVD burning features of Nero. I mostly burn data, DVD movies, and audio CD’s. Lightscribe support would be nice too, but is not required. I tried Roxio years ago, but thought it was too bloated then.

I’m also curious what most of the experts here are using? Nero 7 or 8? Nero 6? Roxio? Or something else? If I can’t find anything better, I may go back to Nero 6 (but am a little worried about compatibility with modern drives and media - is this something to be concerned over?)

Thanks for your assistance!

I use Nero 7 Lite. All bloatware is removed but you still need your own serial number.

ImgBurn should be able to handle your DVD needs. It doesn’t do audio CDs and is a bit lacking in some other CD areas, but rocks with DVD. I hear the next update will have better CD support.

@ Jaw3000

I use Nero; A lot of people I know run it.

Burn On,

As far as I’m concered there is only one thing to ever use: ONES. It’s awesome. Thrown in IMGburn if you need to make the occasional nootable disc.

In case you don’t like Nero 7/8 Lite and find ONES hard to use -as I do-
there are a lot of free programs. You could try Infrarecorder, JetBee, CDburnerXP, Imgburn, DP CD DVD Burner.
Try them and keep the one or more you like the most.

Hope this is a good place for this question:
Reason for post: A individual in another forum had a problem with using three Sata Burners simultianeously write 3 DVDs - problem VERY VERY slow.

I tryed this System C2D6300 @ 3.2, 2 pairs of HDDs in raid (one for XP, other for Vista), Plextor 755 & Samsung 183 Sata DVD drives. 2 Gigs DDR2 6400 using FSB 400 Nero 7, w/latest updates

Both writers work great, But if I try to use Both at the same time Write time drop to sub 1X OUCH.

CPU usage is low, have 1.2 Gig mem free. Put video files (.vob’s) on one drive. 2nd DVD files on other drive.

Any one done this using Nero, or an alternative burning program such as alochol52

Thanks, bgene

Tried Imgburn & alcohol120. They do no better at writing to 2 sata DVD writes than Nero 7. All three write at sub 1X rate

i’m so sick and tired of nero

these are the only parts that i use.
nero burning rom ----> maybe ashampoo or cyberlink
nero vision
nero coverdesign ----> CyberLink LabelPrint
nero recorde

what would you recommend for vision and recorde replacement

I think Nero 8 is more modern way and more quick to use.But you can use NERO Recode to copy Decrypted DVD Movie but once again you need some programs to back up for it can allow you to copy.Programs like “DVD Region + CSS Free” or “DVDIdle Pro” and you can check it in this website :
I used Roxio for sometimes before and it burned really hardly and did it all even a little scratch on the DVD Disk (I meant Roxio Disc Copier).That was all my experience with it.

The Roxio Copier has to be with Roxio 7.5 and up because it could compress the file and put it in DVD5 (Regular DVD+R or DVD-R).