Nero 7.8.5 Installation Help



Im on Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate and everytime I try to install the Trial version When it gets to checking “computing space requirements” I get an error that wont let me install… The Error is ‘Originals’ is not a valid short name.

When I click ok it tells me nero Could not install and quits…

Any ideas?


The file is very large, how much space do you have left on your Hard drive?


32GB… Should be plenty of room.


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2GB should be enough.
Have you had Nero on your setup (i.e. previous version).
If so make sure it’s fully uninstalled. Use Nero clean tool if necessary.


Nope never had it on this PC… bought it new a couple of months ago… I did try nero clean tool but it couldnt find nero… so there is no Nero anywhere…


I could not get Nero to install in Vista, it would just hang. So I deleted the registry entries, the temp files, etc, several times. Finally out of frustration, I decided to empty the Recycle bin, and give up - well Windows Explorer hung… after restarting it still hung.

I tried to explore a drive - the drive I picked was a FireWire drive, that I just attached (that morning) to the Vista PC, explorer hung on that also. I rebooted, and found that I could explore C: and D: I turned off the the Firewire drive - and presto - Nero installed!