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I have installed Nero Demo on Vista Ultimate 32-bit because I couldn’t get Roxio to install properly and be stable. I store my music and WMA files because of the smaller footprint to quality ratio. Roxio allowed me to burn an MP3 disc for my car and converted the music on the fly as part of the CD burning process (the car CD player does not recognize WMA). Will Nero do something similar. It seems Nero is a more capable product than Roxio but I am still struggling to make Nero do what was almost automatic with Roxio. THanks for any suggestions you may have.


Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, as you have said the Nero has lots of capability for Audio copying, just look into the following attachment for selection of these audio funtions from Nero StartSmart.


I am sorry to be dense - but I have used SmartStart and I have been into every audio category that is there. The Jukebox appears to be the option to create an MP3 CD, however, since my files are in WMA format it creates a WMA CD and I do not see anywhere to specify that I want an MP3 CD output instead. The encode audio cannot be used because Microsoft does not allow transcoding of WMA files - but I think that would just be storing the files in a different format and not exactly the same a burning an MP3 disc that I can play in my car. Perhaps you can be a little more specific how you have accomplished this. Make Audio CD and Convert Audio CDs to Audio Files neither seem like the right option. I even opened the Mix Audio CD program and , although the number of options are staggering, I see nothing that results in an MP3 disc from my WMA files. If you would be so kind as to provide a few more details, it would be quite helpful.



Then read this:


I have my entire collection built with WMA and I do not want to convert them to MP3 since the size will be greater at any given quality level. I assume since the only real suggestions I have had is to convert to MP3 - that must mean Nero cannot do what Roxio does - create an MP3 disc regardless of whether the source is WMA or MP3. Is there a way in Nero other than converting my entire collection - or does Roxio, in fact, have the advantage over Nero in this scenario?


I don’t have Roxio to compare the two, but I am confused what are really trying to do, at one point you are asking how to convert from WMA to mp3 at another you are saying you don’t convert to mp3 because too much space that required.


With Roxio, the WMA to MP3 conversion happens real-time in the background as part of the burn MP3 disc process. No physical file conversion is necessary. I want to know if Nero can do the same thing. I guess, until Roxio fixes their Vista compatibility, I will just have to network attach an XP machine with Roxio to create my MP3 discs (which I don’t do that often). If you know of some way to use Nero in that fashion it would be great because it appears Nero overall may be more robust. However, I even saw a “noname” CD Burner for download that included that feature by allowing one to choose the format of the output (MP3, WMA, OGG). If Nero added that one thing to their “MP3 CD” option, that would be great. I hope this helps clarify.


In case anyone cares for the authoritative answer to my question, Nero support provided it and I have copied the response here:

thank you for your e-mail and your interest in our software.

This is not possible with nero software.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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Thank you fro posting the Nero customer support response to your question I am sure other members will benefit from know this.