Nero available!

Look Here:

I would be interested in knowing which version of Nero CD-DVD Speed is included in the Nero version, especially if it’s newer than


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nero 7.5.80 has install problems with Vista (Ultimate) - won’t install, get a strange error message saying I need to close programmes “1480, 1584, 1808, 2088, 3248, 3372, 940” - retry or ignore. Hitting either retry or ignore the install fails.
No idea what these applications are supposed to be, or how to close them !.
Needs a fix i think.

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I had this 1st time round. Redownloaded file & ran install. Everything went fine 2nd time. Maybe you have to try this.

Mind you what’s this scan about?

Is their an Nero Ultra too, or is this the same? Usually Nero Premium is what it is called in Europe. In the USA it is called Ultra.

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For Ultra try [B]this link:[/B] :iagree: :bigsmile:

Downloading now, thanks Zebadee.:clap:

Something is really wrong with this version on Vista Ultimate. Very hard to just get it running after install.

Well, I cannot speak for Vista as I did not install it yet, but I just completed a full disc backup of " Rocky Balboa " with no problem using the new version of Recode.

Hi :slight_smile:
Not experiencing any problems as yet. Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

No problems here on ultimate 64. Install took a long time though, even while I don’t install most parts of the package. :slight_smile:

Have vista 32 here. Must be conflicts with other software I have installed. Don’t know where to start looking though. But there is nothing else I would want to uninstall to use Nero, so I guess I will have to give up on Nero on vista.

There is 2 downloads . one for nero ultra, and one for nero reloaded. What is the diff, between ultra and reloaded?

FINALLY, they’ve added a Nero Digital AVC profile for the 5.5G iPod

Has anyone else noticed that the (Windows Vista) “Nero DiscCopy” gadget is missing in version

Yeah, there’s a thread about that here:

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Premium supports Labelflash and Ultra supports Lightscribe. Premium is for Europe and Ultra is for N. America.:clap: