Nero Ultimate...can't enter license number

Has anyone else ever had this problem?

The Nero 7 installer just refuses to accept the license number they just emailed me when I purchased the suite. It’s a download so have the latest and (apparently) Vista compatible version, or at least will have if I ever get the darn thing installed.

If it won’t take the license number, the trial version should install without it. After it installs, start ProductSetup and enter it there within the first 30 days.

Make sure you are typing the serial number correctly. Sometimes, some letters or numbers may look alike.

Please stick with one post for your problem and avoid cross posting the same problem again and again.

My other thread was about an OEM Nero, it turned into a similar subject…sorry.

It’s the full “Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced” that they emailed me. I downloaded it from the link and CCP’d the license number from their own email. I also tried entering it manually.
I’ve now done this, run the cleanup tool and tried again at least 6 times.

Completely remove the Nero from your system using NeroCleanTools reboot your system and reinstall the Nero 7751 before you proceed delete the S/N from the installer (default one) inter you purchased S/N in that box and proceed after installation is finished reboot and try to use Nero see if this resolve your problem.

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, several times now, even cleaned everything out of the registry.
It will not accept the serial number that Nero sent me.

I installed the trial version (or tried to) and it wouldn’t accept its own serial number either!
In XP everythning installs without any problems.

Have you tried to use “Control C” to copy the serial and then “Control V” to paste it into the serial number block?

Just a thought. This is the way I enter the Nero serials and it works every time.

Tried that, been there, done that, got the T-Shirt…you name it. If I hadn’t lost most of my hair already I’d be tearing it out at this moment in time.:a

It installed in XP without any effort at all. I’ve since gone back to Nero 6 there.

What makes matters worse Nero takes forever to answer or doesn’t answer at all.
The only answer I’ve received was in answer to my question “Can I install Nero 7 single license on both XP and Vista in a dual boot machine”…
answer was “Yes”.

I’ll give it another couple of days and then give them an ultimatum…find me a solution or money back please.