Nero is showing East Asian (Japanese) characters during an English install?

This problem is pretty weird.

  1. I know I’m the only one having this problem; so telling me that you don’t have this problem probably won’t excite me a lot. I only have this problem on one machine as well, and I can’t duplicate the issue.

  2. My default language is set to English in Windows XP pro (under regional language options).

  3. I do have East Asian language sets installed on my system. But my default language is set to English. All programs only show English characters

Nero installs with Japanese characters mixed in with English. Nero is the only program I have that consistently displays Japanese characters mixed with English while installing. I only want English. Why is Nero showing Japanese characters? Under control panel, regional and language options, it says “Engish”. So why is Nero showing both English and Japanese characters?

Moreover, I only use the english installer:

What’s really annoying is all Nero file associations under Windows Explorer also show Japanese characters.

I completely uninstalled Nero, and tried again. I get the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi :slight_smile:
I can only say that I’ve not had any problems. Same DL. However on installing update, the program told me it had to uninstall previous version & reboot first. :iagree:
I’ve only got English language showing as default. :slight_smile:
Programs appear to run OK too. :bigsmile:
So your problem leaves me in the dark. :confused:

Yeah, that’s normal.

So your problem leaves me in the dark. :confused:

I’ve tried this on several machines without the same problem. But on my main system that has some East Asian languages installed, I get what appears in the screenshot–and in my Nero file associations in Windows Explorer, everything appears to be in Japanese. Again, my default system language is English.

I could be wrong, but I think that’s Japanese in the picture.

This is only happening with Nero. Very very weird

Hi :slight_smile:
The uninstalling + reboot hasn’t been required on all updates.
I’ve just updated a second PC without probs.
There must be some crossed/out of place link producing this.
Can you get full English after install, by going to the menu?

Which is the CD/DVD speed version? :stuck_out_tongue:

Going from to on two systems here is asking me to uninstall and reboot before proceeding.

Can you get full English after install, by going to the menu?

Unfortunately, I can’t install on this system due to the crazy Japanese characters. During install, the path name gets screwed up.

Hi :slight_smile:
mognegna just for you. :bigsmile:

Well, I’m going to try uninstalling these East Asian languages on my system, but I don’t see why I should have to just for Nero.


Now imagine having to look at that when you’re in Windows Explorer whenever a file associated with Nero is shown.

Hi and thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: :flower:

No problems here either. In fact I am rather pleased with this new release, Recode is working great and for some reason I couldn’t get Photosnap to open a .png file with the last version but no problems with this.:smiley:

Yeah, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

But do you have East Asian languages installed in your OS with English language as your default?

I think that’s the problem. I think if you have East Asian languages installed on your system, then you get the problem I have, even when you’re using the English Nero installer.

Oh well.

I fixed the problem by removing East Asian language support in Windows, and then reselecting English, hitting “apply”, and rebooting. Then I had to uninstall and reinstall Nero.

Pain in the butt . . .

OMG :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

I get this email over a week after solving the problem myself.

I don’t speak or write Japanese!!! lol

Re: Web Support Request -[enu] - Case Info: [xxxx] - Case Info: [xxxxx]


"Dear xxxx,

thank you for your email and your interest in our software.

Your new serial number is:


With this serial number you can use Nero in japanese. We are going to void the original number.

Should you wish more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Nero Sales

Nero AG
Im Stoeckmaedle 13-15
76307 Karlsbad
Fax : ++49 (0)7248 928 499 "