Nero eng with chineese signs!?



See pictures below. Little translation bug in the new Nero


May be this is the multi-Language version of Nero the “English” version I know does not display this.


I uninstalled Nero and again downloaded the version from the Ahead site. Installed Nero again and still I got these strange ‘chinese’ symbols in Nero. Who knows what to do to get an all English version back again?


Your problem sounds similar to the one reported here:

Maybe the thread can be of help.


I am wondering if people having these problem have the " Chinese Language Pack installed" Nero might be picking up a wrong entry in the registry. Just a thought.:confused:


I think it’s a bug in Nero. The problem happens if you have East Asian languages installed when installing Nero.

This is the solution:


Hmm, I’m from The Netherlands (Europe) and I don’t have Asian languages installed (using Windows Vista Ultimate US).

Didn’t had this problem with the former version of Nero 7. This just happened after installing the new version.


Actually, I took a closer look at you screenshots, and the characters are not all East Asian. You have an “A” and an arrow going up and down in one picture. Those two aren’t Chinese characters.

I’m not sure what your trouble would be.


Doesn’t matter. I uninstalled the version and installed the version again. Now everything is working normal again.

So the install does something to the language setting on my computer. Strange but true!


I check my Version of and I have no Asian charaxcters but I also do not have Labelflash.