Nero Lite and Micro

While I was web surfing I found this web site and it seemed kinda cool and I really liked the Nero 7 lite. I figured I would post a link to the site in case anybody is interested. You still have to have a valid serial # to use this program
but it allows you to only install the parts of Nero 7 that you need. I have installed and used that program and it works well.


Don’t you still need a registered version of 7.0 for NeroLite to work?

OP mentioned the serial number requirement. So, yes.

I don’t get it though because the Nero installer already allows choosing which components to install. I suppose this “Lite” version is for dial-up users so they can download a smaller basic package.

I don’t think that you can chose the minimums that you can choose with Nerolite
with the full version of Nero. I think that there are some things installed by default with
the full version that could not be deselected.