Nero Express and Recode stop responding when adding files


I am having this problem with Nero It used to work but at some point in the last 2 weeks it has stopped. When I click on “Add files” NE and Recode stop responding and I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del to kill the application. It works fine when dragging and dropping files.

I saw a post on another forum whereby the OP had a similar problem with Nero Vision Express and he solved that by uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Media Player. Not worked for me.

I have tried uninstalling Nero, using the cleaner tool, and manually going through the registry to delete all the entries mentioning Nero (there are loads), all with no joy.

The add button works fine in NVE and Recode (ImportDVD), but stalls in NE and Recode (Data files).

Can anyone help please?

ps I don’t have any Roxio software installed.

Can you think of anything you did about 2 weeks ago, like add new software, or load a file that might have been corrupted? Are the files having problems all the same or do all types of file extensions have the same result?

You might check and see what has control of the file types you are trying to load.

Do you have any anti-virus programs or other types of protection programs?

Have you done any system cleanings recently which might have removed some files or settings?