I’m new to this side of the forum so bare with me OK :cool:
Can anyone tell me the difference is between Nero and Nero :confused:
I had version installed and the program folder stated there was 367 MB in it and when I updated to version there is only 330 MB :eek:

Did they remove some features or what :confused:

Thanks Tim :cool:

There is a change log in Nero WEB site try to read that to find out the differences.

The whole program is only 187mbs. If you got 330mbs you must have downloaded all the lang. and manuals.

I think he means when it is installed, alan.

I’m sorry guys :o
Yes that is what I was talking about, any reason for the drop in the MB’s it has all the same folders and files ! did they remove stuff out of the programing :confused:

Thanks Tim