Nero with Scandisc 4.60 Crashes


The nero CD-DVD Speed 4.60 crashes when I do scandisc on my burnt DVD.

any help?

I always had this problem since the later versions of 6.X.X.X and had to downgrade, but this time I hope to get it solved.

Thanks in advance.

any help? couldnt figure this one out since late 6.XXXX versions

When you put the DVD in, does it show the label under disk info? It might be the same error that happens to me sometimes when it doesnt like the name of the disk. If this occurs, i just use the much older version of Nero speed 3.80 and it scans fine.

hey krazybll7, thats the same thing that happened to me! i wonder what caused it. damn i just have to find that 3.80.