Nero Premium out :)

New Nero Burning Rom Version out.

I have just Updated my Version to

In the Nero Portal you can see:

Nero 7 28.08.2006

Thanks to Ahead fixing the DVD-Copy Bug.They simply forgot to enable the Copy Button in :slight_smile:

Isnt 7.5 out? Whats the difference? Where can i download? Previous CD key works?

As far as i know,Version 7.5.x.x is only avaible in American Stores.Due the multilanguage installer it came across the Internet to Europe…

You never had the chance in Europe to download Version 7.5.x.x,so it`s a illegal copy. :cop:

And all people who already bought it can use Nero Product Setup to install Version

Greetz Kirby :slight_smile:

Found something new…

Nero CD/DVD Speed updated to Version 4.51.6 :stuck_out_tongue:

In Nero we are talking about CD speed 4.60 :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

But your Nero was never avaible as download on the Ahead Webside. :disagree: :rolleyes: So i think it`s just an illegal copy from the US-Store ISO.
I bought my own license,recieved a Newsletter about from Ahead today and installed the upgrade :smiley:

Does it mean, when you buy Nero you get older version than those who … did not buy :clap: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

The fact that I am using 7.5.02 doesnot mean I do not have a licence!!! I do own a legal licence that I baught last yr (with the very first release of Nero 7). I was disapointed with it so I went back to Nero 6 . Now if the new is as good as, than I will use it.
Just waiting for some feedback!!! Meanwhile I will be using 7.5.02 :stuck_out_tongue:

I havent said that you did not own a Nero License :disagree: .I say you downloaded the Version somewhere in the Net... was never avaible as download,try to upgrade your on the Ahead FTP with Nero Product Setup :iagree: Or why dont you show us the Mail from Ahead that you can download from their Server ? - like they did today with the Version?

:bigsmile: greetz Kirby :kiss:

If you only want the Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.51.6 update, you can get it here.

How about that:

[O/T] Gotta love that French style - “coup de boule” anyone? :bigsmile: [O/T]

:doh: :eek:

It seems you are one of the Beta Testers from Ahead…

What can i say ?

:flower: I am really sorry…

:bow: time to ask Ahead why do they offer a old Version to the costumers :sad:

Kirby, you said was released for American Stores. But it is the premium version, wihich is made for Europe. It would be the Ultra Edition in American stores. And if is a beta version, it doesn’t matter, because it seems all versions of Nero are beta versions.

You might want to change the file size in Photochop too when doing the version # editing to make it more realistic. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO you screwed bichonn lol

To be honest I don’t know where the came from or who created it. But it is definitely not from a retail CD. Because when you open the help files you get the same message saying like:

"Dear User,
In order to keep the size of the download file small, help and manual files have been excluded from this version. You can download help and manual files in your own language from: "
I downloaded the from another site, definitely not from Nero.

hehe …

any user can confirm is as good?

Well I think it should be is just as good as Nero Recode still doesn’t work. When I try encode one of my movie collections (tried each version), Nero Recode says unknown error with Asynchronous File Reader.

But don’t worry is no different. Tried Nero Recode and this time it stops reading at only 5% of Analyzing. And when you install Nero on top of or and try to use Nero Recode you’ll get a BSOD.

So Nero is not really better than, it has bugs as well.

I tried recode already with no issue!!!