Nero Programs Close Immediately Upon Opening

Does anyone know why my Nero programs close automatically after I try to open them? I’m using Nero and when I click on any program i.e. Nero Burning Rom, Nero BackItUp, etc. the program will seem like it is loading in the background but then it just returns to Nero StartSmart. I’ve tried to disable my McAfee software but the problem still persists. The only real solution I’ve found is to re-enter my serial number; but once I reboot my computer the problem returns.

Assuming you are not trying to run with an out of date serial number, I would have to think something was conflicting with the software or you need to do a better job of cleaning the old stuff first.

Are you running a version of Roxio or some other burning software? Did you ever have Version 6 installed, and if so did you use the clean tool on it? Did you use the clean tool for version 7 before reinstalling if you had an earlier version?

I would probably use the clean tool and then download and try the newest version which just came out. I have burned 3 DVDs so far and it seems to be OK so far.

Try to uninstall the Nero completely from your computer that means from your hard drive , windows registry, C:\Document and Setting\username emp\Nero plus from C:\allprograms\Nero, then reboot and reinstall Nero. That might resolve your problem.

There is no other burning software on the system except for Windows XP’s burning software which is built into the OS. This is a fresh install on a new computer with Windows XP Professional SP2 so I shouldn’t need to clean anything out before I installed.

Gnavicks, I have exactly the same problem with Nero It must be a bug. I thought It was only me.

cdcdcdcd, I’m glad someone else is having this problem and not just me. The only solution I’ve found is to delete your serial key from registry and then re-enter it into Nero. To delete the key you need to do the following.

First close Nero.

Open regedit by going to Start|Run and typing “regedit” without quotes into the text field where it says “Open:” and then click “OK.” Navigate to the following location on the left pane.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ahead/Installation/Families/Nero 7/Info

Delete the string value Serial7_1156995692 in the right pane.

Close regedit and open Nero, you will be prompted to enter your Name, Company, and Serial Key again.

I just wanted to let you guys know I just updated to Nero and the applications still won’t open.

Definitely a bug. We must alert Ahead to fix the problem! l0l

What I did is to go back to Nero reloaded 6.

Take care Gnavicks.