Nero problem

nero wont open any cue/bin files, previous version of
nero did just well… help?

works fine with nrg and iso

You are right forca1. I could not get it to open cue/bin files either. I went back to 6.6 and the files opened fine. Another bug in Nero 7.

It’s strange how fixing one problem seems to create another problem somewhere else. I wonder if Nero will ever release a perfect version.

But hey, at least they fixed the mp3 decoding issues in this release!

strachan so you say we are all screwed? when are they gonna fix that problem, well half of my cd/dvds collection is cue/bin files, thats a huge mess up! just huge…i wonder how it slipped beside them???

and that indexing service/nmbgmonitor gets stuck, giving errors every 30min
fixed that by closing its process from the win task manager, dont even know what that nero indexing service is for

ok i;ve decided to switch back to nero 6,
just what version to switch back to, what was the latest version
of nero 6? nero 6.?.?.?

Ver was the most stable.

:cool: :cool:

the latest version of 6 is


The latest version is v6.6.1.4, but many people(myself included) instead use the previous version v6.6.0.18, as the newest version has gotten backported Nero 7.x.x.x’s optimized Ultra-Buffer function, which makes it a total RAM hog, eg. ~ 280MB RAM instead of ~ 80MB RAM for writing a DVD+R.

What is the advantage of Ultra-Buffer? Damned if I can see or find one myself.

Does Nero have an FTP site where one can download perviuos versions like
If so, what is the URL?
Thanks in advance,

thx guys, and for @Bobsen

here are the links

Nero … recommended by platinumsword

Nero … recommended by Martin H

Nero … the latest ver of Nero 6

i discovered another glitch and this time its in Nero

bin/cues work in this version but image recorder doesnt allow me
to burn DVDs!!!

take a look at that


I’ve just found this problem too…but convert them to ISO files with UltraISO and they work fine…make sure you use the latest UltraISO (like me), just in case…

Hi. Wish I’d had the sense to find his thread before “upgrading” :a from 6.6 to No longer being able to burn CUE/BIN files renders Nero 7 virtually useless as far as I’m concerned. I’ve even tried opening the CUE files by doubleclicking on them as someone had suggested elsewhere, but without success. Incredible that this bug seems to have been around for so much time without a fix. I’m going back to 6.6.

Go to the following forum site the Nero Rep. in US is Craig Campbell located in Glendale, CA, he always answers the Nero users questions on this site, so explain to him your problem I am sure you will get satisfactory response from him.

Thanks for your reply, but I’ve already cleaned out Nero 7 and gone back to 6.6 :wink:

You are welcome, you can always use that link to raise any concern you might have for any Nero product with Nero Rep.