Nero & Windows XP x64, Bugs

I am having problems with Nero and Windows XP x64, i would like to know if anyone else is having the same problems or if the problems also appear with Windows XP x86.

  1. No desktop shortcut for Nero Home gets created even though you sellect the option to create a desktop shortcut during setup.

  2. Nero Scout cannot be enabled to show in windows explorer, it appears to be enabled in the settings but it doesn’t show in My Computer as it should.

  3. Show Nero Desktop Search connot be enabled in Nero Scout, also when you check this option and click ok and then go back in to the Nero Scout options this option returns to being unchecked.

  4. Nero Scout doesn’t configure on start as it should even if you have checked the option to do so.

I have reported these problems to the Nero support team and i am waiting for a reply from them.

Thanks for any input!

You prpbably have a LONG wait unfortunately. Nero support is not good and that’s being generous.

They used to be. Now all they do is ask you for log files, even if it means you FUBAR your PC to get them!

I have just had a reply to the report i sent to the nero support team and i thought i would post their reply here, this is what they said!

Dear valued customer,

thank you for your email.
Unfortunately this is a known problem in the current version and will be fixed in the next update.

Should you have any other request, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards

Stefan Sonn

Technical Support

It is obvious since WindowsXP 64 is OS with 64 bite processing and some many programs and hardware drivers are not compatable with 64 bite therefore will have conflect and will not work.

Nero 7 boasts support and compatibility for Windows XP x64 so it should work and it shouldn’t have any conflicts, if there are conflicts then it’s down to bad programming, even all of the programs i used with Windows XP x86 also work with Windows XP x64.
On the point of drivers for Windows x64, i have found every driver that i need and all of them are from the manufacturers websites, i know not everyone is this lucky.
The only problems i’m having with Windows x64 is with Nero 7 not working properly and the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer not working properly with flash and shockwave content, apart from that Windows x64 is great.

I am glad that you do have happy experience using Windows64 but others I have heard are not being that lucky since as I said before there aren’t that many software or hardware that do have compatability and trouble free interfaces with windows64 atleast not yest.