Nero released

Just noticed it now…

No changelog available yet… :wink:



Whoa…cheers ET :slight_smile:

Edit: should have it downloaded sometime in the next hour :bigsmile:

Thanks for info!

Can this be downloaded over or do you have to delete one and download it again?

I can try that out when the download decides to finish, if you like. :slight_smile:

Sorry but I don’t understand… do you mean “installed over” maybe? :confused:

Apart from that, I can’t help… I have bought the Nero 6->7 upgrade sometime ago, but I’m still using Nero 6… :o


That’s what I thought he meant :iagree:…anyway, as soon as the download finishes, I’ll install over (and maybe see if that stupid mp3pro.dll bug is fixed while I’m at it). :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve downloaded & installed. It just upgraded the existing Nero 7. So no need to uninstall. Just download & run.

Thanks Martin,

  I used the autoupdate feature in Nero 7, and it updated automatically to The updated files were only 44 mbs. It updated Scout, Nero Vision, and Photo and Video. I do not think any other programs in the Suite were changed.

Can some one verify if problem of activation of Labelflash or LightScribe or both have been resolved with this version?.

Problems, problems…I ran the updater from within Nero 7 and the “newly updated version” actually uninstalled key components of the Nero program and didn’t update anything. Now Nero’s not listed in my program list but is still in ADD/REMOVE programs but will not let me uninstall it. I’ve had it up to here with Nero at this point.

Hi :slight_smile:
It definately works with LS. Can’t test LF as my 4551 is with a nieghbour, (trying to sell it to him) when I see him I’ll find out. If nobody else posted the info re LF before then.

I had problems with their update as well. Lacked a .dll file and completely screwed up my installation of Nero—most of it was simply wiped off the hard drive. Had to download the entire new version and reinstall everything.

Hi :slight_smile:
"Can some one verify if problem of activation of Labelflash or LightScribe or both have been resolved with this version?."
NO. But I can show you some piccies. :bigsmile:
(Get the razor blade ready to scratch off the paint.) :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Hi zebadee:

I have no problem getting it to work for both as matter of fact I have them working in version but what I want to know is if Nero has resolved this issue.

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry if I’ve not made this clear.Yes it has. My last post was with my 4551 connected (returned by neighbour). Nothing fancy just standard install of latest Nero 7. :clap: :iagree:

zebadee; the reason I ask whether the problem have been resolved on this newer version of Nero( is that although I have both LF & LS activated in Nero but I am using two different Serial Number one for “Premium” and another for “Ultra Edition” in registry in order to get it to work. I want to know if using only one S/N would do the complete job.

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes I realised this (remember PM sometime ago you sent me re: this) that’s why in my last post I say nothing [U]fancy[/U]. Standard install & single serial etc. Hence the inclusion of third piccie showing single serial. Although I originally didn’t make this clear.

Thanks for the clarification zebadee I might try the version with only one S/N to see if I could have both LF & LS activated.

Overinstalled no problems, dont like or use incd (jsut answering front page poster)