Nero 7.0 Won't Accept CD-R

My Nero 7.0 was copying CD’s no problem. Then, one day, Zeus defacated on me. When ready to burn a music CD, I insert a CD-R, but Nero says no way, gimme a CDRW instead. I have a huge stack of CD-R’s lookin at me with nothing to do. Got any ideas? Pioneer hardware for what its worth.

[QUOTE=etherhuffer;2025075]Then, one day, Zeus defacated on me.[/QUOTE]

LOL :bigsmile:…welcome to CDF :wink:

Do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools on your PC?

Have you changed media brands, or has the same brand of CDR worked OK up til now?

Same media, no changes. I drank all the alcohol in the house last night, and was indeed possesed by daemons. And the shakes. No, have not. I am stupid as a post, so what will they do for me?

Hehe…I asked about those two softwares as they can cause the same kind of behaviour you’re seeing. :wink:

Just rule out a software issue, can you try a different burning app? If you’re burning from music files, I’d try Burrrn.

Also, what brand are the CDRs you’re using?

Using Memorex 52X/700MB. Will look at other burn options, including my entire machine, software, and home office. grrrrr…Why the hell is making a simple copy such an ordeal? Can I just return to my nice cassette tapes now?