Nero 7.0 Help

I recently installed Nero 7.0 and am having a slight issue. I tend to use the Express function to burn audio cds. (I’d used this function in Ver. 6 trouble free for years) Here’s my issue. When I use the “add” button to input the tracks for the cd I want to burn, they are not being added to my project in the order I’ve selected them. This seems to be the case no matter how I add them…if I do it one by one or highlight the block of them, they do not appear in the correc order in my project. For example, I’ve highlighted tracks 1-9 in the add box, click add and when I look at the compilation before burning the track listing is track 9, then track 1-8.

I’ve looked through all the setting and preference options I could find but can’t seem to find the answer. Can anyone help.