Nero Error Message

I attempted to compile some MP3 music files using Nero Express. When adding some MP3 files the following error message pops up:
“It may be possible, that files can be added, if a dedicated plug-in is installed”.
My 3 questions are, what is a dedicated plug-in, where do I get it and how do I install it? :frowning:

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Try this website

I’m not familiar with your version number as it doesn’t show in the Nero History. Can you please verify?

On my Windows machine with the drive labeled “C”, here is my path: c:\program files\common files\ahead\audioplugins

Your right! The correct Nero version number is This has since be updated by Nero to I got anothoer (different) error message today when trying to recode some Mpeg video.
Maybe this is just a buggy version?

vbg: thanks for getting back. On your original post regarding audio plug-ins, how did that work out?

I’ve been getting this problem for a long time with many different versions of nero ultra. Sometimes switching between versions of ultra negates this problem but it often soon returns. I think that this problem is more than likely an audio codec problem. I usually download a nero audio plug in codec pack to solve this issue. It works most of the time. You can get this codec from this site

Try updating to the latest Version.