I have a Pioneer dvr109 firmware 1.17 and I’m trying to record to a DL DVD+r that will read in my home theater dvd player.

I cant find any bit-settings in Nero7. So far it doesn’t do it automatically. I’ve read a lot of threads on it but nothing about Nero 7.

Does anyone know the latest way to change the bit-setting using Nero 7 and a dvr109?
I just downloaded the latest firmware for my dvr109 and will install it now.


Open the Nero Burning Rom choose DVD Video on Compilation Windows you can see on the bottom of your right hand side says DVD5 & DVD9 choose DVD9 (8.5GB) for the DL disc.

Also you can use DVD Decrypter for ripping the disc in your hard drive and writing it your DL disc also.

Thanks, I got lucky and picked the DVD9 setting. After I flashed my DVR109 with the latest firmware from Pioneer and set nero to DVD9 it played in my dvd player with no problems. Problem solved.
Now I just have to get good at telling Nero how to put all the clips in the order I want them, lol.

Glad to hear you got your problem resolved.