Nero Some of my newly created audio CD is very hard to read, but not all?




I have burned lots of Audio CD’s on my Plextor PX-755A with Plextools pro. But the latest Nero makes some strange Audio CDs. Some, if not most of them can be read quick in all my CD players. But the rest can’t. It takes ages for the CD player to locate the Audio CD in the drive. And one of my players can’t locate anything on the CD.

Hmm… I’ve burned all CDs with Plextors PowerRec enabled, if that could mean anything. But as it works fine in Plextools, I’m thinking Nero problems?!

Any of you had problems like this, with Audio CDs burned from the same bundle, that sometimes are written fine, and sometimes the are very hard to be read.

I’ve just tried to C1/C2 scan the problem CD with plextools, which had trouble reading, but suddenly it started to scan. The funny thing is, that it started to can the CD about 8 minutes into it, not from the beginning, strange? The CD didn’t contain any error, it just didn’t scan correctly from the beginning?

Could it be a Audio Cd creation problem with Nero, or a Plextor burner fault?

Regards, Moef