Nero Only Shows Labelflash Not LightScribe

In the installation with both NEC 4551 (Labelflash capable) & BenQ 1655 (LightScribe capable) Nero only activate and show Labelflash but no indication of LightScribe being activated and displayed. Does any one have this proble?.

Mine shows lightscribe but not label flash here, be patient, I’m sure a fix will come. I have given up for now and will just watch to see what happens.

@Tcas I have the same drives and the exact same problem. Not that I care for either one I do like something to do what it says, don’t you know.

It work fine with Surething Label Maker but not with Nero

BenQ 1655 and same problem. Can not get it to work. Any suggestions please advise.

My understanding is that there is a special version of Nero for NEC, as Labelflash is exclusive to them and belongs to Yamaha. You have to get the disc with your drive.

Chas; we are not talking here about Labelflash the issue is LightScribe the Nero 7.0,8,2 with conbination of LS software is not recognizing the LS capable drive (BenQ 1655) and so far no one has come up with a solution .

Sorry, mis-read. Have you tried getting the LSHSI.EXE file or is this for Nero 6?

Yes I and others trying to find out why Nero 7 using LSHSI.exe or even HP LS software is not recognizing the LS capable drive (BenQ 1655). Nero 6 is OK but we all have problem with Nero7.

I am running Nero 7082 and just burned lightscribe image to disc on my benq1655 with no problems, I usually use “surething” but tried Nero cover designer to see after reading this thread along with another on the subject.

Hi :slight_smile:
I stopped using 7, but something has occured to me regarding this problem. I wonder whether this version is making LF ‘master’ by default & disabling LS. Have you looked in Computer Management >Services to see if LS is set to always on or automatic or manual etc.

see here:

The LightScribe is set on authomatic I did try to set it in manual but the problem persist.

Hi :slight_smile:
How about LF was there a setting for this. If so have you tried disabling LF so that LS is then ‘default’.

Lightflash is working since day with no problem at all only problem I have with Nero cover design with LightScribe does not recognizes the BenQ 1655 which is LS drive.

TCAS: if you uninstall/disable your NEC drive, will Nero recognize the 1655 LightScribe feature?

So far its all still in your serial, the premium one seems to have both functions.

Very good and intelegent suggestion I will do it now and report back on that.

Disconnected NEC 4551 L/F drive the Labelflash Icon in Nero disappreared but Nero “Make Label or Cover” LightScribe still fails to recognize the LS drive (BenQ 1655).

Do you have the “Premium” version of Nero?, if yes do you have LightScribe function working and activated?.