NERO LightScribe issues

I’m having issues with Nero 7 Ultimate and Lightscribe.

Nero 6 works, Nero Xpress that came with my drive works, SureThing works.

Nero 7 will not recognize my drive as LS compatible.

I’ve tried downloading the LSHSI.EXE from Nero, the one from the site, and a different one direct from HP. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Nero 7 more times than I care to mention.

Has anyone come up with a definitive answer to this problem? It seems, from searching, that many people have had this problem, and I’ve seen some possible solutions, but none work for ME.

Right now I’m burning a label with SureThing while burning data with Nero 7. I really like the interface on Nero Cover Designer more than SureThing. Help! :confused: