Nero and Audio CD problems

each time i burn an mp3 to audio cd the tracks stutter.
i tried every burn strategy there is in nero :a

if i convert mp3 to audio in NTI for exempl. the tracks sound normal!

can someone pls tell me if there is a bug in the mp3 to audio conversion or in the burn strategy of Nero!? :doh:


It’s a well known problem with the mp3 dll’s in all Nero 7 releases. If you search you can find download links for the ones from Nero 6.x which work fine.

Hi’m having the same problem myself, and although I haven’t done a big research, I found out at the lame mp3 plugin you mentioned… followed the instructions and have put it in the common files -ahead - audio plugins.
I haven’t noticed any difference, though…
Is there something I’m missing, like eliminating the other mp3 plugin or something? This is quite annoying, I burned some cd’s before I noticed the problem :frowning:
Help us here, please, for I don’t know what else to do and converting it more than once is not really a pratical solution…

I’ve seen lots of forums and topics now, all mentioning this mp3 bug from Nero and lots of ideas, but none really posted an efective solutiuon to keep on using nero 7 and decode the mp3 with it…
I’m using dbamp converter to convert from mp3 to wma and then to cda… not the best solution, is it?!?
What about you? Any news?


The effective solution is to use the mp3 dll’s from version 6. It’s well documented in this forum.

In case someone else is interested, I got these dll’s from:
and they solved my problem…
One funny thing is that, although I had to install them on one of my laptops that had even after I updated to, on the other one updating was enough… :confused:
Anyway, for those who still have that thing buging you, download the dll’s and replace the ones on nero audio plugins directory and for sure you’ll be fine.