Nero released

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Version Number:

Release Date: February 06, 2006

* It was impossible to edit an audio file anymore once the audio file has been added to a compilation
* When ripping tracks, it was not possible to create a new folder from within the save dialog
* In rare cases Nero crashed when getting free drive space
* Encoding of single tracks was not possible - only all tracks of the compilation
* Burn process may have failed in case a saved project is used and if the process will be started within 4 seconds. The error: 'unspecific recorder error' was displayed
* Last position of the window is not saved before closing the application
* Video CD menu entries were readable in preview, but not on the burned Video CD
* Virus scan did not work with ZIP files
* Nero did not detect any CD/DVD device if 3 or more devices are connected, but the virtual “Image Recorder” only

This has already been posted here (albeit with an FTP link), plus the changelog, but welcome anyway!

Wot! That’s it? That’s all they’ve fixed?

FFS, it will take ages before it’s ready for prime time at this rate.