Nero released with a changelog published

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wsaintcr, lystyl, Erroneus and eranros all used our news submit to tell us that this latest version of Nero is out with the following changelog. What’s new in this…

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Wow! A Changelog was published with a new release!

Is Nero 7 any good, I like 6 depsite the bloatedness of it.

Upgraded and now my PC spontaneously reboots after the windows xp logo everytime. Does bootup in safe mode so I can at least back up stuff before reinstalling XP. Not only is the upgrade bloated at 100mb but now it kills your OS to boot. :frowning:

Perhaps you should try uninstalling Nero in safe mode first. You also might want to try turning off automatic restart on blue screen of death. (Right Click My Computer, go to properties. Click Advanced. Click Settings under Startup and Recovery. Uncheck Automatically restart.) That’s one of the first things I do when I install XP so I can see what the hell is causing problems.

I’m waiting for 7.1 at least, and may not even switch as I have no real reason. I think 6 is bloated/slow enough as is, so I can’t imagine how bad 7 might be. They should’ve continued development on 5.x.

7.x has lightscribe and labelflash support :X that’s enough reason to own it i don’t see any problem downloading a 100MB update, cause it takes like 8 minutes to download it isn’t such a big deal it just isn’t

yes, of course it’s a big deal. it’s a very big deal. and you know what kind of deal is it? it means that Nero turned into bullshit crapware. It’s full of corporate crap that noone needs. 100mb update? It should be 100k. You know what 100mb means? It means Ahead has no skill anymore. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Agree with mr.QQ:S My, does one thing: Records!:b:S

the fact that you can download the 100mb update in 8 minutes means nothing (hell if you want to show off, i can get it in just over a minute), lots of people have slower broadband connections or worse yet have dial up. it takes a long time for those people to get it and lets be honest its bloated rubbish software, it should be like 1mb update.

Nice update… It blocks its own files from being updated for me… I had 3 msiexec.exe processes running, alle three initiated by the same updated but only one was needed, the other 2 blocked the last one from updating (a) certain file(s), I killed those two processes that were to much and it worked…

but maybe that is because I am using Windows XP x64 although I did not have that problem with older updates from Nero7…

nero recode dvd to dvd recode and the following other two menu options dont seem to be working in this new version

I paid for v6 and thought I got good value for my $ but ever since they screwed the loyal v6 users with a ridiculous upgrade fee I’ve been warezing v7 and will continue to do so.

hah this wont install as theres a missing dll mfc7149090881.dll

once upon a time ago their was a good company called nero who wrote a fairly clean progam and sold it at a reasonable price and then like all the wankers out there they got greedy and sloppy and now we look around for alternatives… nero come back we miss you…

Well the bloat from 5 -> 6 was a little steep, the bloat from 6 -> 7 is even steeper. IMHO if you don’t need BluRay burning support, skip Nero 7.

I totally have to agree with mrQQ… Even back in 1993 when Doom 1 came out, iD released Doom updates as “patches” so instead of downloading the entire 4 megs again (these were the dialup days) you could download a small patch. Ahead can’t even compete with things others companies were doing 13 years ago!!! There is no reason one should have to download the ENTIRE application again. Ahead should just release an update pack that will update any version of 7.x to the newest 7.x Either they lack the skill, or Nero is so poorly written (as in not modular) that the patch would essentially be as large as the full download.

Nero 7 isn’t worth warezing!!! I will admit when I got my first burner I ignored the included burning app and used an early version of Nero 4, and then later 5, which I liked even better. Since Nero 5 was my favorite program I took the time to purchase it. Upgrading wasn’t a big deal because the full package was only 13megs and I was on broadband. Then I jumped on the Nero 6 boat because I needed DVD support but as we all know, the Nero suite is like 35megs, large but (barely) acceptable. But Nero 7 is so much bloat I don’t just refuse to pay for it, I refuse to run it even for free (warez). Heck, Ahead would have to pay me in order to use it, on second thought, they couldn’t pay me enough.
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Alcohol 120% is looking very tempting these days. Considering they’re in ver 1.9.5.x I’m betting 2.0 won’t be far off. I’m crossing my fingers Alcohol 120% v 2.x will offer everything I loved about Nero. I mean Alcohol 120% offers all the major features of Nero (minus the bloatware apps that tag along) and does so in a tiny 4meg download.
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