Nero Demo installation problem

AS many installers have experienced while installing Nero Demo version some experience that just in the middele of installation you get an error message that the MFC7149090881.dll file is missing from the file and the installation ends. I have tried every kind of advice given at Nero homepage and even I have written an email explaining the situation. No way.

The solution is a little trick. Do the belowmentioned and then you will have a functioning demo of Nero 7:

  1. Begin with installation program and pay attention where the temporary files will be extracted. They are mostly extracted to the
    c:\Documents and Settings<Username>\LocalSettings\Temp\Nero7.tmp

Under this directory you will find another directory named Cab. Under the Cab directory you will find the archive file named

  1. As it is a bit tricky with cab files I will recommend to download the free archiver program alphazip which is a shareware program and will solve our problems. It can be found at
    Download the file and install it.

  2. Extract the files with in the to somewhere safe and for any safety reasons rename the original cab file to anything so that in case if anything goes wrong you have the original at hand.

  3. Open the notepad and without typing anything save the file as MFC7149090881.dll.

  4. With alphazip create a new file which must include the original two files and our new MFC7149090881.dll.

  5. Copy the new MFC7149090881.dll to the same directory at c:\Documents and Settings<Username>\LocalSettings\Temp\Nero7.tmp\Cab\

  6. At c:\Documents and Settings<Username>\LocalSettings\Temp\Nero7.tmp double click the setup file, sit back and wait until the installation finishes seamlessly.

  7. Enjoy your new fully functioning Nero 7 Demo and if you like it don’t forget to register.