Nero and the "userimages.bmp" picture

How make the nero do not create a picture called “userimages.bmp” every time that nero begins??? i want do not make this picture every time that nero begins. a lot of thangs

Yeah, I’ve found a way.
Go to registry key,
“HKCU\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Settings”
there is an entry called,
just change it into
“C:/Programms/Nero/Nero7” or anything else :bow: :doh:

I’m afraid this doesn’t solve the problem completely. Nero creates this file in the working directory, but this directory changes every time you double click on a project file (any “.NRI” file, for example). The bmp file will be created next to this NRI file no matter where it is located and the “WorkingDir” key will be changed to that folder. Sorry if my English is not clear enough.
Any thoughts?