Nero and lightscribe not recognized: post here your recorder!

I have just bought a new philips recorder PHILIPS DVDR16LSK/35 with lightscribe support but last nero don’t recognize it, I’ve also upgraded the lightscribe host at the ufficial site but I have the same problem. A lot of another people have my same problem, so…what happened with this new version of software…nero 6 hasn’t this problem…shit! :a :a

Please post your recorder model and say if it works with nero 7 please!

P.S: Sorry for my English mistakes but I’m from Italy.

I don’t know if this will help you but with the Benw drives (1625) there where some troubles with writing LightScribes labels. We got an error about Communication errors. The solution here was to switch back to an old LightScribe driver.

Maybe you could also try this but I don’t know if this also will work with the problem you have. Go to this post for the download link for the older LS driver.

I have just got the same Lightscribe drive.
It was bundled with Nero 6 and i cant get the Lightscribe to work.
There is no lightscribe feature on Nero and no drive recognised?
Any ideas?
Everything else works fine, i can burn/play discs.


Mine is a HP 640i drive and Lightscribe isn’t recognized by Nero 7.

If you go to the LightScribe Website you can download the latest driver that’s required to be able to use LightScribe with your drive. They also offer a free version of SureThing CD/DVD labelling program that is much better than Nero’s.

I just bought a new BenQ1655 and I couldn’t get the latest Nero 6 to recognize that it was a LightScribe drive until I installed the driver. Once I did that then both Nero and Surething recognized the LightScribe.

I have the Phillips machine and had the same problems with Nero. I was able to see my first LighstScribe label done with SureThing. Nevertheless SureThing recognizes a disc sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. And now the funniest part: I re-installed Nero7 premium a couple of times and bingo!, it burned a disc that previuosly had rejected SureThing.
The current situation is I know that I’ll get the LightScribe label done but I’m not sure whether will be by Nero or SureThing. They keep recognizing and not-recognizing discs and burning or not as they like.
It’s desperating, bur not boring!
Rgds. from Spain.

I’m not sure if I have Nero, but I definitely have

I have an HP dvd740i Lightscribe Drive. It works fine with Nero and Surething, but I prefer to use Nero. I did have to install the drivers from the installation disk before it was recognized. Other than that, it worked perfectly right out of the box. It was bundled with Nero 6, but I already had Nero 7.

My Mom has an HP dvd640i Lightscribe Drive. It also works fine with Nero and Surething. It had to have the drivers installed from disk also. It was bundled with HP Sonic Record Now I think. She didn’t use it because she also already had Nero 7.

The only problems that I have with Nero 7 and lightscribe, is that almost every time I burn a disk, Nero Labeler jumps up there and wants me to make a lightscribe label for the disk. It gets annoying because I don’t always use lightscribe disks, but just hitting the [Cancel] button does the trick.

I’ll check Nero’s website and see if I need to upgrade to and if everything still works after that. Will post the results.

Nero installed, and Lightscribe still working.

Hey guys I bought a external lightscribe LG GSA-E10N, it only shows a normal DVD burner on my PC and in any program is not showing at all as a lightscribe drive.
I have done all the firmware updates with the auto updater program that comes with the drive and still no joy. What I noticed tho is when I look on LG’s webby the exact same DVD lightscribe burner is on there but the model number is LG GSA-E10L.
The burner does not show on Nero 7 ultra, sure thing and with the LS diagnostic utility
so im at a complete loss to how I can get this to work. If you guys cant help me then im gonna have to phone LG customer services :\

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The E10L is indeed the LightScribe version of the E10N. Are you sure your PC is recognising it as E10N? The E10N has no LS.

Check the drive itself to see if there’s a label stating model. There’s one on the bottom of mine saying GSA-E10N, where it was made etc.

Thanks for the welcome Arachne, I see you are correct, ebuyer have sent me the wrong product!

Thanks for the help.


I use Nero 8 and had problems with my Samsung DVD lightscribe Multy recorder. The problem was that Nero 8 wouldn’t recognise the lightscribe utility and was ignoring my DVD.

The solution is as follows go to then go to Support and download LS System Software (LSS) in this case for windows, download and
Save. then go to downloads main page again and click windows and download Light Scribe Diagnostic Utility. Once both prog are saved run the two and follow instructions. You will then find once you reboot that Nero Lightscribe will be running perfectly

[quote=stingerman;1223814]if You Go To The lightscribe Website You Can Download The Latest Driver That’s Required To Be Able To Use Lightscribe With Your Drive. They Also Offer A Free Version Of Surething Cd/dvd Labelling Program That Is Much Better Than Nero’s.

I Just Bought A New Benq1655 And I Couldn’t Get The Latest Nero 6 To Recognize That It Was A Lightscribe Drive Until I Installed The Driver. Once I Did That Then Both Nero And Surething Recognized The Lightscribe.[/quote]

Hi …i Had The Same Problem With Nero & Lightscribe…i Went To Lightscribe Website,updated And All Is Well!